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Notary Stamps
Key in the Lock
 Scales of Justice

Notary Services

I am a commissioner for taking affidavits and Notary Public providing notarization and certification of:

  • original documents

  • affidavits

  • photographs and documents supporting identity

  • copies of legal name change documents

  • verification of signature, etc

Landlord and Tenancy Board

Weather you are a Landlord or a Tenant. If you have issues please contact us and we will help you.

Residential Tenancy Act governs all aspects of residential tenancies in Ontario including:

  • the relationship between landlord and residential tenants

  • the amount of rent permitted to be charged, and

  • permissible rent increases

The Landlord and Tenancy Board have exclusive jurisdiction over all the disputes that might arise between a landlord and a residential tenant.

Small Claims Court

Do you have claims for $35,000 or less contact us for further information about starting the claim.

Small claims Court is intended to improve the public’s access to justice. Its rules and procedures have been simplified with a view to resolving these matters expeditiously.

Urban Traffic
Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Traffic Offences

Do you have a traffic ticket that you need to deal with? Have you been charged under Highway Traffic Act?

Contact us and we can help to get a better resolution.

Legal Research and Writing

Contacts us for creating 
1. Legal Memorandum.
2. Case briefs.

Other Services

1. Notice of examinations
2. Garnishments